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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long lost neglected blog!

Oh for pete sake - I realize that it's been a month since I've posted! Bad me! We've been busy, I guess is my only excuse. I haven't made any cards since this last week. That's really sad! But oh well - such is life!!

I do have two new cards and will have some more for later postings. I'm getting back into the grind of bartering with my mom. Cards for candles is our little project. 10 cards earns me a small Barn Candle. :-) I always have a nice stock pile of candles so that when I need a quick little gift, I have one!!

Wish me luck this weekend. I will be taking my soon to be three year old to the bakery to pick out and order her cake for her birthday party which is next weekend. Let's just say, she has changed her mind about as many times as I've expected. We have gone from wanting a Tinkerbell cake, Strawberry Shortcake cake, Disney Princesses cake to now wanting a Madagascar cake. Well, once we order it, that's it!! No changing our mind!!