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Monday, September 29, 2008

Fun weekend!!

Look who I got to see this weekend!!! The amazing Shelli Gardner herself! As if I wasn't excited enough to the Stampin' Up! regional event in Kansas City! The picture isn't the best - but our seats were wonderful. As I checked in at the registration table, a lady from Omaha recognized me and so she directed me to where a bunch of other ladies from Omaha were sitting. It was a great day. I got some cool swaps and we made some great projects. Then, we also got to see several presentations. Let me just say, my wish list of things I want from the catalog grew exponentially! When you see sets demoed, you want them!! :-) Oh and one more thing about Shelli - I love her clothes! I'm sure I'd look terrible in it - but the outfit she had on Saturday was soooo pretty. Her style is like vintage with a modern twist.

We were given supplies to make five projects on Saturday. And guess what - I only got two of them done! lol Between talking with the people at my table and walking around taking pictures of all the display boards, I just didn't get them all done. But, here are two of the projects that I did get done. The first one is a very simple card that weaved ribbon in the card. Neat idea.

I love love love the next project. It's a little card holder that fits the sized cards you would find with gift bags, etc. It was so easy to make and really cute. I will be making more of these for sure!

Well, this will be my post for the upcoming weekend because we're heading out of town on our family vacation. The boys don't have school Thursday or Friday, so we're taking them out on Wednesday and heading to Florida. Then Thursday afternoon we are boarding the Carnival Sensation ship and sailing to the Bahamas on a three day cruise. Wish me luck --- I'm not sure I have patience to deal with three kids and a DH in close quarters for that long!! lol But, I know it will be a fun adventure for all of us!!

Have a great week!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yea! I'm in Kansas City!

I don't have any photos to post this week - even though I have been super busy finishing up my swaps for the Stampin' Up! regional event in Kansas City this weekend. So I'm very excited to be spending Saturday doing one of my favorite things - stamping and crafting. I ended up making 70 cards to swap, so I look forward to getting some new ideas! After I'm done stamping, I'm hoping that we can make it out to the Legends to shop. :-) They have a Stride Rite outlet and a Gymboree outlet so it would be a shame to miss out on them. However, it's also NASCAR weekend at the Kansas Speedway - so we may not want to mess with all the crowds out there. Who knows. I do know that we'll spend the evening watching the Husker game on t.v.

Okay - I will post early this next week with what projects I make at regionals tomorrow. Then Wednesday morning we leave for our family vacation. Get this - we're taking three kids on cruise to the Bahamas. It's either going to go great --- or I will come home and never want to go on a family vacation again!! lol I know the Bahamas seems pretty "out there" but we found that it was as inexpensive to go on a cruise as it was to fly and stay anywhere else in the U.S. Wish us luck!! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yes, again, I'm a bad blogger!!!

Okay, I admit it (again) - I skipped posting last week because we were very very busy. Bad, bad me!! Our first item on the agenda last weekend was going to the Nebraska Cornhusker football game. My DH was given an awesome opportunity through work to sit in the corporate skyboxes. Wow! That was fun. Then our sons both had sporting events last weekend too. So by Sunday night we were all pooped!

But, to attempt to win you back as a blog viewer, I do have four cards this week. I'm going to the Stampin' Up! regional event in Kansas City in a couple of weeks and so I have been busy making cards to swap. I only have 50 done and my goal is 100, but with a little more work, I know I can get them done! The hardest part is just coming up with a design. Here's what I have so far...

I'm also throwing in a picture of DD at the zoo. We took her this morning while her brothers were at Patrol Leader training for Boy Scouts. She cried and cried when we left and all I could hear her saying when she laid down for her nap was "go back zoo". So it's a good thing we bought a zoo pass this year!!

Enjoy the cards and have a great week!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, DH!

I'm going to try and post a video of DD singing Happy Birthday tonight to her dad. We'll see how good of skills I have getting this done!! :-) It's nice that my digital camera also does live video. Now if I could only get the camcorder I got for Mother's Day to work with my MacBook.... We were spoiled this weekend and had carrot cake from my favorite cake place - the Cake Gallery. Tonight we had an ice cream cake from DQ! Whew...I'm going to need to work out tomorrow!! lol