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Monday, September 17, 2012


Recently I started wanting to complain about all the things that have been bugging me or that I have felt were wrong around our house and then I had to take a step back to realize that I have A LOT more to be thankful for than I really have to complain about. Yeah, life's not perfect -- but things could be way worse. So I'm focusing on saying Thanks! for what we do have and working on being more grateful. Here's a thank you card that I made a while back that made me start thinking about all the things to be thankful for.... Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Friday, September 14, 2012


You would think that with 24 hours a day, I would be able to find one (or more) to actually spend on crafting and making cards or catching up on scrapbook pages! But, between working 10 hours a day and having five very active kids of my own - it's hard to make time! So I need "challenges" from time to time to motivate me to get busy crafting. My most recent undertaking is bartering with my mother for a laptop. I make her 400 cards and she trades me for a "new-to-me" laptop. :-) Thankfully, she takes card payments and we see her often enough that it keeps me making cards. Here are a few from one of the batches I gave her. Thanks for looking and keep on crafting!