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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boo hoo!!!!

I'm pouting tonight because it's too cold to go out and do anything! lol I haven't left the house since Sunday. But that is an occupational hazard when you run a daycare from your home!! :-) DH took the boys to a Creighton basketball game tonight and gave me and DD strict instructions not to even think about leaving the house because 0ยบ F is too cold for girls to be out in. Well, you know what that means.....all I have been craving tonight has been a Starbucks mocha!!!!! lol Oh well. Instead, I have been using my time productively. I got a swap card done and DD has been playing the daycare's Sega Pico for the last hour.

I thought the swap card turned out cute. It's a coffee themed swap - which hasn't helped curb my desire for a mocha... But I thought the card turned out cute. Thanks for stopping by to look! Have a great week!!

1 comment:

Pat's Paper Passion said...

Love the card...is it all SU paper? Hope you get a mocha soon...I hope to get one today after my massage :)