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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to post again!

You'd think my mother bugging me about not posting would be enough to get me going...but apparently it hasn't been. Until now! :-)

I have been busy doing a variety of things in the craft room lately. Most of them have involved moving my stuff and putting it away as we've had a home remodel project going on.

I did however, start some scrapbooking a couple weeks ago, which felt good to do! I have started by making birthday albums for the kids. I started with Carly's - which hasn't been that hard to get caught up since she's only three. It's going to be more of a chore to do the boys' who are 14 and almost 12. But, I will get it done. It helped that I have moved my photo printer down to the craft room so that it's more accessible.

I do have one card that I CASEd from somewhere - sorry don't remember where. It was super easy to make. And the nice thing is you could change the sentiment to say about anything happy you wanted it to!

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