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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reviving the blog - and some New Year's Resolutions!

It's time to get this blog back to life! It seems like time just gets away from me and quite frankly, Sophie and everyone else just seem to suck up my time, so that when I do have a free moment all I want to do is vegetate! :-)

So I have two craft related goals for 2010. The first is to make at least ten cards a month. The second is to scrapbook at least ten pages a month. Those shouldn't be too hard to do, right!? I did get a new photo printer just so that I would have no excuses why I couldn't get some scrapbooking done!

I volunteered, just last night, to make a basket of cards again this year for our church's big auction celebration. So to make that happen, I'd better get to crafting! My goal is to get back to posting on Saturdays with what I've been up to during the week!

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