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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The card that I had to make this week was not a happy one to do at all. Sympathy cards are my least favorite and it's even worse when it's for the family of someone you've known. This past Tuesday the funeral of a man who, though we'd only known him for a few years, he was the type of guy you'd like instantly. He was always smiling and made everyone around him feel good. He was the coach of our 10 year old's baseball team and had coached our other son in basketball previously. He will be missed by everyone who knew him. So this past week has been a long one. It's hard enough to talk about death to your kids, but when someone is lost well before they should have been, it's that much harder.

We spent most of Saturday out at the family cabin. Our darling little dear got to play in the lake for the first time this season. I can see that a life jacket is going to be mandatory for her because she will just get right in the lake. No fears there!! I'm glad that she likes the water - but holey moley - we're going to have to keep an eye on her!!!! Last summer, she was content to play in the wading pool we'd fill up on the beach, so I can see I'm going to get a good tan this summer out with her. :-)

Well, have a good week. I'm working on a project with my ten year old to make scrapbooks for his friend and siblings who lost their dad. Hopefully a nice memory book will give them someplace to put some special pictures. I'll snap some photos of them to post next weekend. They are nothing elaborate - just something simple to help them remember the good times.

See you next weekend!!

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Pat's Paper Passion said...

Is there anything for this week? I have a new banner:) Just practicing, but I think I know how to do it now so WATCH OUT!