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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally posting again!!

Okay, for those of you wondering, I am still alive! We've just been super busy with stuff going on! But now, football and baseball is over for our boys and that has freed up time on the weekends for us all! I have been busy working on things and have been making myself work on stuff in the craft room. The first project I've been working on has been Christmas gift tags. Below is the photo of the ones I have done. I've made 12 of each design so that I have some to give to people as gifts. I thought - why not!!? Everyone needs gift tags and I have plenty of paper and stamps to make them! What a simple, homemade gift! I need to figure out how to get better lighting because this one looks just blah. My craft room doesn't have any natural light (no windows) so my Ott Light must really make a big difference when I have it on! I've also fallen in love with the stationary boxes! They really aren't as hard as they look! Here is a Christmas one I made recently. One of the inside pockets is just the right size for giving a gift card - so what cute packaging for a gift card and some additional goodies inside. I have four gift tags, four 3x3 cards and four A2 sized cards inside the box. I would show them to you - but it's a gift for a blog reader of mine!! So the outside is all you get to see!!
One last photo - since I didn't post during Halloween time... Here's a picture of our buzz buzz bee all dressed up. She definitely got the hang of trick or treating but was sooooo shy when we'd actually get up to the door! And I'm enjoying all the loot that she brought home! DS#1 dug out a costume at the last minute to go trick or treating with a friend and DS#2 stayed home to hand out candy. He enjoys the social aspects of Halloween, so I think that was a much fun for him as anything. Then when DH and I got home with DD, we made caramel apples, so that was a fun and yummy treat!
I'm REALLY going to try and get back to posting on a regular schedule (regular for me, which means on the weekends) - so I hope to "see" you back here very soon! Have a wonderful week!!