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Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy weekend!

Wow - what a busy weekend we had! My mom didn't have school on Friday, so she came down to spend some time with us. Friday after my boys got out of school, she took DS#2 on his birthday shopping trip. He's in heaven now as he got some sort of baseball practice hitting thing that he's been dying to get! I have no earthly idea how it works - but he loves it!

Saturday we went and got (much needed) pedicures. There's something nice about being able to sit and sip Starbucks while someone else pampers your feet! Then we pretty much shopped from one end of Omaha to the other.

So, needless to say - I didn't get any crafting done this weekend! I am going to work on the Halloween treat containers that I'm making up for my daycare kids and a few of our close neighbor kids this afternoon. So when I have those done, I will post picks of them!

I do have a picture of DD from last week. It's of her cutting a rug in her new snow boots. We haven't had any snow yet - but I'm sure soon enough and I guess when you're 2 1/2, you still like to break your shoes in!

Have a great day!

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