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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy weekend, as usual!

Let me just start this posting out by asking this --- how can a sixth grader be so good at making the picks fo the NCAA mens basketball tournament? After the first and second round of play, DS#2 is 41-7. And of course, this year we didn't join any of the office pools....lol If he doesn't grow up to be a commentator or sports analyst, I don't know what he'll do!

We had a busy weekend filled with Boy Scout camping, the final two basketball games of the season and swimming lessons. And thanks to technology, even though I didn't have time to make it into the craft room (I haven't even gone down into the basement all weekend!), I do have some pictures saved of cards from my silent auction basket from our church auction at the beginning of the month. Enjoy your week and see you back here next time!

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