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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whew! Another week down....

Well, we've survived another week around here and head into another busy week!! This past week we had baseball games every night of the week - which wouldn't have been so bad, by my DH was out of town on a work-related trip. The boys were supposed to have camped with their Boy Scout Troop this weekend, but everyone is just toooooo busy and they didn't have enough adults to go and only a few boys signed up. I guess another time. Friday the 23rd is the boys' last day of school, so they are very excited about that. I can't say that I'm THAT excited - but I'll manage!

This morning DH and our oldest son went out to the family cabin to get some much needed work done so that we will be able to enjoy going to the lake this summer. So, instead of sleeping in and being lazy (which is what I really wanted to do) the other two kids and I walked up to Village Inn for breakfast and then we took our darling little girl to get her pictures taken for her upcoming 2nd birthday. We went to Portrait Innovations because I love how they are able to take candid pictures and then have them printed and ready to take home about 20 minutes after the "shoot" is over. But, today their printer was broken so I have to wait until tomorrow to run back to the mall and get them. However, that's okay because I saw a cute outfit in the window of Christopher and Banks that I might have to go look at when I pick up the pictures! :-) The pictures were so cute that I may have to make time for an extra posting this week and put a couple of them up on here!

I did get some card making done this week and really cleaned up the craft room in the process. I think that is a never ending task because I just can't seem to get things organized just how I'd like them. But oh well. This card is for a swap on SCS that I'm signed up for. I'd give you all the details, but I'm in a hurry to get sleeping beauty up from her little nap so we can run middle son to his baseball game. I'm going to drop him off and run back to our neighborhood Starbucks so that I can try out their new Mint Chocolate Chip Frap. Thanks for the gift card, Mom!!!!

Have a great week and happy stamping to you!

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