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Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a week!! :-)

Let me start out this week's blog post by saying wooooo hoooo!! My Stampin' Up! pre-order came last night!! That means we are that much closer to the new catalog coming out. I can't wait! So I spent last night and this morning playing with my new toys, uh, I mean supplies for making cards!! lol Plus it's been quiet around this house this morning. DH took the boys to help work on our neighbor boy's Eagle Scout project. And DD is quite content to play on the floor beside me in the craft room - how nice is that!!?! She and I would have started our morning out by walking up to Starbucks so I could have had a mocha to sip on while admiring my new stuff - but it was sprinkling this morning. (And let me say - thank goodness our new neighborhood Starbucks was not one of the 600 stores that is closing!!!)

I LOVE the new scallop edge punch! Now I can put my corner rounder punch back together!! :-) The new In Colors are lovely. I think I like them more than the last two years worth of colors. So, the card that I whipped out this morning is from a new set called Sock Monkey. I must say, I wasn't a big sock monkey fan, in general, but after putting this set together, I can see that I am going to enjoy using it. I don't know why, but the sock monkey screams out to me "paper piece me"! So that's what I did this morning. Next time I will dig a little harder to find cooler paper to piece together, but for now, this will have to do. I also used my primsacolor pencils and baby oil to color him and to be honest, I think he looks like a hobo monkey. So I will work on the coloring and blending!!

While I was downloading the card picture off my camera this morning, I also had these pictures of the kids. DD is now the proud owner of a cat and dog. These are as real as we will ever get around here. (Thank heavens for pet allergies!!) DS#2 got new golf clubs last Sunday and it is all he can talk about. He's "lucky" to be the only left-hander in the house, so he doesn't have the option of getting hand-me-down clubs from anyone - so these had better last him for a while. The picture of DS#1 is a nice one of him. It's hard to believe that he's 13!! He's doing his favorite thing - sitting on the couch watching tv....

Have a great week and see you back here next weekend!!

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