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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Wow! What a last week and a half. I am sorry that I didn't post last weekend - but, boy - was I under the weather! That and we traveled about five hours to my parents' house for my dad's 60th birthday celebration. The way out there was one of the longest car rides EVER!! lol I think everyone around here is glad I'm feeling better because when I'm not feeling well, I'm a grouch to be around. See, I can admit it!! :-)

This weekend is Labor Day weekend in the States so we are enjoying some rest and relaxation at the family cabin with all of DHs immediate family. Monday, we are doing nothing and I might very well stay in bed until noon and my jammies all day!! lol Okay, we all know that's not going to happen. With a two year old who is up at the crack of dawn, I'm sure I'll be up doing something. Plus Monday is my DH's birthday!! Happy birthday, dear! He claims he reads my blog - so we'll see if I get any comments from him. His birthday present has been hiding in my dresser drawer for about three weeks now. :-) I hope he likes it!

I'm excited to report that I registered for the SU! regional event in Kansas City on September 27th. I can't wait to go!!!!! As long as I've been a demo, I haven't made it to a convention and this will be my first regional event. With Kansas City so close to Omaha and family to stay with down there - there was no way I wasn't going!! I've been trying to come up with some ideas for swap cards - but so far, I'm not having much luck. I'd LIKE to come up with an original design of my own, but I may settle for just CASEing something out of the catalog. My problem is - I want the cards to be something simple enough to make 100 of, but not so plain that people are like "those cards stink - I don't want to swap with you." That is like my biggest fear - being THAT swapper that everyone thinks stunk!! lol Oh well - I'm sure I will come up with something before then. And because it's just my nature, I'm sure I will be frantically working on them the week before we head down to Kansas City!!

The cards I posted today I can't decide if I really like them or not. That's terrible, isn't it?? I'm trying to come up with swap cards that I like, but the mojo just isn't flowing. Maybe spending the weekend at the family cabin, lounging with my catalog will inspire me!! Who knows - but thanks for looking!!

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Pat's Paper Passion said...

I like the first card best...maybe cut down on the lower half-and that way the top and bottom would be in better portion.