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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello from stolen pumpkin-land!

Sorry - I have to do it... I have to take a couple of sentences to vent about how someone(s) - I suspect neighborhood teens - stole SEVEN pumpkins off my front porch. I had purchased nine pumpkins last week so that my daycare kids and their families could come over this coming Wednesday and carve pumpkins like we have been doing for several years now. Ugh! Why does anyone feel they have the right to come up on my porch and steal anything???? And then to leave TWO of them - just go ahead and steal them all for pete sake! I'm pretty torked about this, to put it mildly. Let alone the fact that someone was as close as our front door area really wigs me out! Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be pumpkin stealers.

On a much happier note - I have pictures of my DD and even a couple of projects to share! :-) I'm proud to say that my nearly 2 1/2 year old DD is becoming quite interested in Barbie dolls. Ah, yes, a girl after my own heart! I LOVED Barbies. I played with them all the time - and not just because it seemed like I was sent to my room a lot!! lol I probably played with my Barbies until I was in 7th grade. So when DD saw the Cornhusker Cheerleader Barbie today at our neighbor's garage sale, who I was I to say no! :-)

DH and both DSs are camping this weekend at Little Sioux. I'm eager to hear how it went, as this is the campground that was devastated by a tornado this past summer. It's a Camporee, which means that there were several troops camping so it should have been a lot of fun!

Their being gone means I have had some time to stamp!! Yea! The first card came out of a kit that I got at a stamp camp probably three years ago! I don't think I've mentioned that the past two weeks I have been in a huge cleaning and purge mood - so I have sorted through more craft stuff!!!!! And it's amazing what you find! I thought this was a cute card, though I wished I would have rolled the snowglobes on the backrgound in rows closer together. But, this was before the wheel guide, so I guess that's my excuse!!

My final little project to share came from the blog Addicted to Stamping at http://www.jackietopa.typepad.com/. I love her tutorials! I am making some of the stationary boxes. So far what I have done is awesome! I have the box done and a matching pen made. So now I can't wait to fill up the box with some little 3x3 cards, some tags and some regular cards. These are soooo cute! The box was really easy to make, just following the directions. I thought it would be harder, but it wasn't. I used the RSVP pen, but it was too long to put in the box like in the tutorial, so for future boxes, I will look for a different pen to stick in it.

Well, DD and I are getting up and going to 7:30 Mass in the morning - so I'd better sign off and head to bed! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog - even though I'm horrible about keeping it updated!!

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