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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Okay- I've taken enough grief from my mom that it's time to get my blog updated. Yes, it's been over a month since I've last posted. But you know what... I've been busy!!!! :-) Between the boys' school and sports activities and everything else, it seems I have hardly had a moment! And I've been super busy in the craft room. I made a basket for our church's silent auction which contained 52 cards - enough for "one card a week for a year!" :-) So now that I finally have that done, I will have more personal, fun time in the craft room! This is the third year that I've done a card basket for our auction and they always seem to go over very well. I'm slowly learning my lesson that perhaps as I'm making cards throughout the year, I should put a card here and there away for the next year's auction basket..... But what fun would that be - it would completely go against my human nature which is to do everything at the last minute!!

I also put together a cupcake-themed basket for the auction. It was fun to do. I got three fun cupcake cookbooks and gathered some other assorted cupcake related items so that the person who wins will be all ready to go home and whip up some cupcakes! Below are pictures of the baskets and one card from the card basket. I thankfully took pictures of a lot of them, so I should have some ready-to go blog material for a while!!

Thanks for looking and maybe, just maybe I will TRY to keep this updated better!! I do have some exciting news to share next week - so perhaps you should come back next week to see what that is!! :-)

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Pat's Paper Passion said...

Thank You...I always enjoy seeing how crafty you can be!